Itzu Tri Team Testing Event

Itzu Tri Team Testing Event

“How can we make our athletes even faster?”

That was the big issue last Monday as our athletes were tested in Bike Valley’s wind tunnel during the Itzu Tri Team Testing Event. The Itzu Tri Team invited it’s partners for a unique look behind the scenes of Bike Valley’s wind tunnel during the tests.


After Bert Celis from Bike Valley explained all about the laws of aerodynamics, Bioracer and Lazer Sports gave a keynote on the importance of aerodynamics for their products and on how they constantly adapt themselves in order to contribute to an increasingly faster world of sports.

The wind tunnel tests are not all about aerodynamics but more about efficiency. The wind puts air resistance on the athlete that can be expressed in watts. With the help of the tunnel it is possible to minimalize this air resistance and to gain those extra percentages needed to win a race.

The athletes got tested on many different things such as their most comfortable position, the fastest set-up, the effect of speed gels, different kind of helmets,

hairy versus shaven legs and even the difference between long and short sleeves.

To end the afternoon,  our team manager Koen Janssen and coach Luc Van Lierde looked back on some Itzu Tri Team highlights and on the promising start of the new triathlon season.

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