Itzu Tri Team strengthens itself with international top athletes

Itzu Tri Team strengthens itself with international top athletes

The Itzu Tri Team, the professional triathlon team of coach and triathlon legend Luc Van Lierde and Itzu-CEO, Koen Janssen, announces a reinforcement of 2 international triathletes for the 2018 season. No one less than the Frenchman Romain Guillaume and the Brit Colin Norris, are joining the Itzu Tri Team. A few weeks ago the team had also announced that Ruben Geys will be added to the 2018 selection. The team now consists of 7 triathletes who will be representing the colours of the Itzu holding in national and international races.

National and international triathletes

Since the start of the sportive dream project of CEO and team manager Koen Janssen and coach Luc van Lierde early 2017, the Itzu Tri Team goes full steam ahead. Next to some nice victories in some big races in 2017 (a.o. Ironman Maastricht, Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg, Dutch Championship 70.3), the team now also gets reinforced by 2 international triathletes: Romain Guillaume and Colin Norris. With the joining of these 2, and Ruben Geys as announced before, the Itzu Tri Team now consists of 7 triathletes. (others are: Kenneth Vandendriessche, Martijn Dekker, Amber Rombaut and Saleta Castro).

Extra experience

Both newcomers Romain Guillaume and Colin Norris have proven their strengths in the world of triathlon. The Frenchman Romain Guillaume received the triathlon microbe from his dad who is also a triathlon coach. In 2009 Romain became prof, and in 2012 he made his full breakthrough as a triathlete by winning the 70.3 Mont-Tremblant. In 2014 he finished in 10th place at the Ironman Hawaii and in 2017 he was victorious in the Ironman 70.3 South-Africa and Ironman Malaysia. He is now making the switch between BMC-Extixx Pro Triathlon Team and the Itzu Tri Team. Romain Guillaume will add a lot of experience, and probably some nice podium places too, to the team.

With the Brit Colin Norris the Itzu Tri Team gets one of the fastest runners in their ranks. In the previous years Colin finished in 2nd and 3rd place at several 70.3 Ironmans in the UK. The 70.3 distance is, thanks to his history as long distance runner, his speciality. With this he hopes to shine at several half Ironmans.

The team of coach Luc Van Lierde gains a lot of extra experience thanks to the arrival of Romain and Colin. “Our promising athletes will without a doubt be able to learn a lot from these two”, according to Luc Van Lierde. “Both athletes have already gained a lot of experience in the world of triathlon and they know how to make a difference on their terrain. We, as a team, are very proud to welcome them in the Itzu Tri Team.”

Team manager Koen Janssen is ambitious for next season. “We now have a very varied team with young athletes and experienced talents. Thanks to the professional surroundings for the athletes we hope to achieve some nice victories in 2018, as well in national as international races. The icing on the cake will hopefully be the Ironman Hawaii where we want to compete with one, or maybe more, athletes for a nice spot in the top 10.”

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