Koen Janssen & the IRONMAN World Championship in RSA

Koen Janssen & the IRONMAN World Championship in RSA

Koen Janssen, the team manager of the Itzu Tri Team, has been qualified for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in the Republic of South Africa. This amazing opportunity has lead up to months of hard work and training. To maximize the experience, Koen is also travelling throughout the country in the weeks prior to the race. But how does he combine travelling with his family with the final preparations for the big day?

Getting the equipment there

It’s easier said than done, packing all the equipment needed for the coming weeks and ship them to a country 12.000 kilometres away from home. Thanks to the Scicon bags, you can easily pack all of your gear and be sure that they will be undamaged when you open them at your destination.

Once you’re there, you can start training. But how do you get your beloved bike to the RSA? Fortunately, it’s not difficult at all. The Ridleybikes and PRO Bikegear by Shimano, can easily be taken apart and packed in the Scicon bags. There’s nothing better than having your own bike with you when you’re training for a World Championship race.

FFWD then helps to reach the highest speeds possible. Combine it with a Pioneer Power Meter, and you will be tracking your progress anywhere you go. Whether you’re on the long roads at the beach or high in the mountains testing your speed limits.

Koen Ridley

Adapting to the climate

Contrarily to Europe, winter is thriving in the RSA right now. Even though it’s never really cold over there, temperatures can still drop heavily. That means that the right clothing needs to be available at any moment. Fortunately, we’ve got Bioracer on our side. They produce clothing for any weather conditions, no matter how rough it an get outside. Combine that with an excellent wetsuit from Zone3, and you’ll be unstoppable! Don’t forget your bike helmet though. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye, and you don’t want to miss this unique opportunity due to unsafe behaviour. We prefer helmets by Lazer because they provide excellent aerodynamics as well.

Koen Zone3


They say the right nutrition takes up 50% of your preparations. And that’s correct. That’s why we use Hiddit for our nutrition. Before, during and after the race, Hiddit nourishes the body, enabling the body to activate all necessary muscles, to endure long distance efforts and to optimize the resting periods. Before the race, Koen takes a Carbo Loader to prepare for the exertion. During the race, to keep the body fit, he drinks an Isotone Drink, consumes an Energy Gel and an Energy Bar. After training, when his body is tired, he uses some Recovery to get his muscles to take the best possible rest.

Hiddit Nutrition

The coach

One does not simply race in a World Championship IRONMAN. Koen already practised a lot at Club La Santa in Lanzarote with the team assisted and trained by coach Luc Van Lierde. The team coach will make sure that Koen will push his boundaries when training, so the expectations – finishing within the first 50% of his age group – can be met.

Luc van Lierde

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