Itzu Tri Team joins forces with Scicon

Itzu Tri Team joins forces with Scicon

SCICON as our new sponsor!

We are delighted to present SCICON to you as a new sponsor of the Itzu Tri Team Because want to guarantee our athletes the best traveling experience possible they will be traveling around the world for training and racing with a custom design Scicon AeroComfort Triathlon 3.0 TSA Bike Travel Bag. The AeroComfort Triathlon 3.0 TSA bag is specially tailored to the needs of triathlon bikes, making the unpacking and packing process as easy as possible for the rider or mechanic. Both Itzu Tri Team manager Koen Janssen and SCICON Brand manager Christian Pierce are convinced of a perfect match and believe in an advantageous collaboration for both sides.

“The world of triathlon is a world in which the main focus lies on the individual. Whether they are in a race, in a training or traveling, athletes are always dependent on themselves. That’s why we want to make sure that our athletes can train, rest and race in optimal conditions. Thanks to SCICON, we’re now also able to guarantee the best possible travel experience. Not only does SCICON offer a professional solution with maximum bike protection, they also supply us with a fast and user-friendly system.”

KOEN JANSSEN - Itzu Tri Team manager

“The Itzu Tri Team will help to provide us with professional feedback at the highest level, while providing a platform for us to further support triathlon and its athletes. We’re looking forward to an exciting season alongside the team.


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