Why should you start exercising more or start exercising?

Why should you start exercising more or start exercising?

The new year has started and everyone is busy with their good intentions. More sports is often one of the good intentions. But why should you start exercising more or start exercising?

1. Sports improves your fitness

It is nice to have a good condition. With a good condition you have more energy and you can do more physically. In addition, you get a larger lung capacity by exercising. As a result, you literally have more air and so you will not easily get out of breath.


2. Movement keeps your body in shape

A healthy and attractive body is important for your self-confidence and your happiness. Many people are not satisfied with their body and can develop more self-confidence through more exercise.


3. By moving you increase your metabolism. This helps to lose weight. By continuing to exercise your metabolism remains healthy.


4. You get more strength and resistance

By exercising regularly, your body becomes stronger. Not only do you get more strength in your body because your muscles grow, your immune system also becomes stronger. This keeps you better protected against diseases from outside and you will not get sick so quickly!


5. Enjoy the fine fabrics

After 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise, your body will creates a substance that makes you happy. These substances ensure that you feel happy and that you can continue to exercise.


6. Sport is a basis for social contact

Do you work together with friends? Then sports has a double positive effect. Social contact is happy. If you also participate in sport together, it is also very nice next to being healthy.


7. Achieve goals with movement

People become happier when they reach goals. As a sport you give yourself the chance to achieve your goals and to push your boundaries every time. Set goals for yourself during exercise and do everything to achieve it.


8. Sports increases your confidence

Who regularly sports looks good, regularly shifts his limits and feels fit and strong. This is how your self-confidence starts to grow. And as you know, a healthy portion of self-confidence is an important building block for happiness!


9. Sports reduces stress

When your body is in motion you are busy with de-stressing. By exercising, you will end up accumulated stress in your body and become more relaxed. Not only physically do you feel more relaxed when you have exercised, but also spiritually you feel more calm.

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